• I am a father of 2 daughters.
  • I have a minimalist mentality and I’m trying to get rid of more things.
  • I have been an independent consultant writing better software for varied and great companies since 2011.
  • I enjoy hiking, design, music and crossfit.
  • I am working on doing less, more and none.
  • I am striving to be more accountable for my goals.
  • I create art, games, comics, words because it makes me feel alive.

This Site

I am using this site as my personal codex and journal. You’ll find release notes for projects, lists of projects, lists that I keep and things that are important to me. This is my piece of zen.

Nothing on this site is static. I will improve, update, cull and simplify things as I see fit. I keep a list of what I use here.